Tamasha! A celebration of Bollywood Cinema Culture

Bollywood billboard artists have developed their own unique styles to attract audiences to the hundreds of movies produced each year in India since 1918. These billboards have decorated town centres and high rises in India, reflecting the rapidly changing society and its quest for fantasy and escape. Globalization, economic restructuring, technological developments and changing cultural expectations have all but rendered this art a thing of the past. Once in the hundreds, only a few billboard painters remain employed by the studios as these artists are being replaced by large printers and computerized imagery. Now, hand-painted Bollywood movie billboards and Bollywood cinema have entered cultural critique and academic discourse. 

This exhibition took the journey full circle, back to the public, while celebrating the spirit of this dying art as it became revived in a different cultural context.

Participating artists: Vijay Kumar Singh (IND), Alam Choudhary (IND), Babu Eshwar Prasad (CAN), Shelly Bahl (CAN), Divya, Mehra (USA) , Faisal Anwar (USA), Simone Ahuja (CAN), Mehre Khan (CAN), Nadia Kurd (CAN), Tazeen Qayyum (CAN), Rashmi Varma (CAN)

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