Samara Contemporary announces
GO ON, an international performance art festival. Featuring the works of Aokid, Daisuke Takeya, Holly Timpener, James Knott, Johannes Zits, Maya Ben David, Nicolas Aca and Racquel de Loyola

Exhibition Dates: August 3 - 10

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As the separation between public and private changes, the space of the alleyway begins to take on new meanings and serve new functions. The laneway; or side street, alley, back street, or byway comes to represent that transitional space between the home and the street, between the crowded main routes and the safety of isolation off the beaten path. As cities grow, laneways are being considered as spaces for housing, business and public space, utilizing all areas of the city and blurring the line between the main arteries and the alternative routes. The Laneway is a private space in public, it is exclusive; only a local can navigate these back routes and move through the city with ease. The buildings are often adorned with street art, murals and graffiti, showing the local flavour of the neighbourhood, geared for the neighbourhood’s enjoyment. These paths can be a place of connection, weaving through the city creating parallel and alternative connections in cities that are increasingly commercial and impersonal.

Taking inspiration from the Happenings of the 50’s and The Fluxus movement of the 60’s and 70’s, GO ON looks to approach performance as accessible, improvisational and process focused. As we find new solutions to present live performance when it is not safe to gather in large groups, the impromptu smartphone-recorded performance offers an opportunity to create and distribute performance art online.

    In these unique circumstances due to COVID-19, GO ON International Performance Art Festival will take a non-traditional approach in that there will not be a live venue that would collect ticket sales in order to support the artists. We are relying on your kindness and support of the arts and ask that you purchase a virtual ticket as a donation to benefit our exhibiting artists. All virtual tickets can be purchased online here.

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