Mold Maid

SAMARA Contemporary presents the Canadian premiere of Mold Maid (Live performance and Film Screening) by Maya Ben David

Performance/Screening: August 29th 2019, 7-10PM
Samara Contemporary is pleased to present the Canada-wide premiere of performance and film screening "Mold Maid" by Canadian interdisciplinary artist Maya Ben David.

About the performance:
I know all about the nannies who came before me. Some were "so called" evil some were "so called" saints. One nanny was a dear cousin to the child I was watching, how could I live up to that? One nanny was apparently an expert at video games, cool story bro. One nanny was a villain who yelled at children when they giggled, lots of information missing in that story. One nanny apparently DIED of cancer, please rest in peace.

I've never met them, but I know lots of little bits about these "ghost nannies." I think it's cute that one nanny always talked about getting married, I'm sorry I know this information about you!

This is a piece in dedication to my unnamed ghost nannies.

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