Samara Contemporary is pleased to announce a very unique site exhibition titled Stick and Bone featuring artists David Salazar, Gillian Toliver, Lana Filippone, Mitsuo Kimura working in sculpture.

Exhibition title: Stick and Bone

Featured artists: David Salazar, Gillian Toliver, Lana Filippone, Mitsuo Kimura

Exhibition dates and hours: September 18 and 19, 2021 | 12-7pm

Location: Bela Farm, 5750 6th Line, Hillsburgh, Ontario, N0B 1Z0

Curated by: Rafi Ghanaghounian

Artist David Salazar workshop Saturday and Sunday from 1-2pm (free)

Nature is an elixir. For generations past we have seem to have subconsciously disconnected ourselves from what we are blessed with. Taking for granted the very thing that is trying to keep us alive, physically, mentally and spiritually. It has taken a pandemic to wake us up and to appreciate the delicate dance between our body, mind and the space that surrounds us. Stick and Bone are representational imagery to emphasize that we are connected deeply to nature.

Finding inspiration, energy and imagination, the artists selected for this exhibition will display their reflection using earth materials such as clay, wood and paper. Displaying works of emotional strength inspired by the strong pull and desire to connect.

Stick and Bone will be located outside of the concrete and glass towers of the metropolis. Outside of the pristine white gallery walls and fluorescent lights, the quick pace of life and traffic congestion. Instead you are invited to a hundred acres of open space where you will be greeted by grass under your feet and fresh air in your lungs. And all the soothing sounds of nature. Time to take in the artwork and reflect.

Exhibition digital catalogue available upon request.

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Samara Contemporary would like to thank Rochelle Rubinstein for her generous support.  @bela_farm

This is a family and pet friendly event (free)

Food and beverages will be available for purchase (you can also bring your own)

Free Parking

Our core mission is to embrace and support the work of national and international contemporary creators working in the field of art + design.

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