Opening: Saturday April 11, 2020
Exhibition Dates: April 11 - May 3 2020

Samara Contemporary is pleased to announce the works of multidisciplinary Argentinian artist Santiago Paredes.  Santiago’s colourful attention-grabbing compositions have varied iconographic influences, from Persian miniatures and Japanese woodcuts to Haute Couture and contemporary pop culture. His multifaceted style mixes the mysticism of ancient cultures with a spicy contemporary flavour, breaking barriers and celebrating our differences.

Santiago Paredes is a self-taught artist and a musician with an experimental and exuberant approach to making. With his open-minded approach to art, Santiago’s strong colour sensibility harmonizes his broad-ranging influences from cultures, mediums and techniques. Argentina is known as one of the most stylish countries in Latin America. His creative work incorporates a wide variety of themes including, society contradictions, both abstract and figurative humour and observation

Using a mouse as his paintbrush, Santiago paints everything digitally in Photoshop. Embracing the contradiction of errors from using a mouse in a software designed to produce polished images. The works retain the feeling of analog image-making while celebrating the flexibility of working digitally, allowing the work to easily scale and be reproduced in different materials.

Santiago’s work embodies the visuals of sound through vibrant and energetic compositions. He combines multiple cultural influences and sensibilities. Santiago’s artistic references range from Matisse’s bold use of colour and form to David Hockney’s experimental approach to digital image-making. His work is a lively celebration of colour, freedom, humour and observation.

Santiago graduated from the Vocational Institute of Labardén Art (VAT), he attended the Degree in Multimedia Arts at the National University of Art (U.N.A). After which he trained as a painter working as an assistant to Daniel Sheimberg. He has also worked with Fabian Burgos, Nahuel Vecino and workshops with Sebastián Bruno and Andres Sobrino.

These wearable art pieces express the dynamic joy of life, celebrating difference, diversity and colour, and now can be yours to wear and hang in style!

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