No Kimono

No Kimono – a carefully-curated exhibition of Japanese and Japanese-inspired fashion. The participating designers hail from Japan and Canada, but their shared fashion philosophies transcend borders.

Using clothing as a canvas, these designers mold their vision with any means at their disposal. The distinctive Japanese approach to fashion has ignited trends both in Japan, as well in the West. These designers and artists break through established norms, orchestrating a collision of textiles, asymmetry, colour and pattern that defy established norms.  This show seeks to reveal, chronicle and celebrate this subversion of stereotypes. No Kimono is fitting name for this collection of surprising work – it’s civic disobedience that you can wear.

Location: Design Exchange Museum, Toronto

Participating artists:  Dean Horn (CAN), Denise Gagnon (CAN), Lydia Klenk (CAN), Hiromi Kani (JP), Takayuki Suzuki (JP), Shinichi Miter (JP)

Our core mission is to embrace and support the work of national and international contemporary creators working in the field of art + design.

Wednesday to Sunday:   12 - 6pm
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