Main Feature

Main Feature! was presented in collaboration with Myseum, and the project explored Toronto’s movie theatre history through an outdoor photo scavenger hunt.

Main Feature! engaged teams of young and old in a car-free urban photo scavenger hunt, exploring how Toronto’s theatre history has framed the city’s constantly evolving communities. Main Feature! was a one-day adventure that enhanced understanding between generations by exploring cultural history through theaters, not only the variety of film genres but also  design and urban navigation of our once thriving Cinema boom!

Using archival photos from the early 1900’s, player-pairs had five hours to identify long-standing film theater buildings and locations in the present. Teams visited locations throughout the city on foot, by public transit or by bike to collect points by finding and photographing the building or location, and getting as close as possible to the footprint of the original photographer.
Teams explored and re-imagined the city’s movie theatre, architecture and design, documenting how buildings from the past continue to shape communities, block by block. This was an opportunity to celebrate buildings and neighbourhoods; city blocks that hold countless stories of people and cultures that have lived, grown and continue in these shared spaces. We see cycling as not only a necessary means of transport but as a way to engage with the environment and landscape in a meaningful way.

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