The Story of Water: The Erie Canal as Site of Untold Stories

Water. It’s all about water. What’s interesting about water is that it has no form, and it also has the power to deform; water dissolves as much as it moves, fills and gives life. Such indeterminacy makes water impossibly difficult to record – water cannot be 3D scanned. Yet, such indeterminacy also offers the space for meditation on how life and lives are formed, re-formed, and even deformed over time.

Zahra Saleki is an Iranian-Canadian photographer and installation artist who now resides in Toronto, Canada. After completing her BFA in Fine Arts Cultural Studies at York University, Zahra went on to study photography at The Chang School at Ryerson University. Zahra’s photography is an exploration of under-explored narratives, and strives to present unlikely subject matter from washroom graffiti to dance photography that tells the stories of different locales and the people who inhabit them.

Linda Zhang is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson SID and a principal at Studio Pararaum. She is the 2019 Multicultural Fellow at NCECA, a 2020 Artist in Residence at the European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC), the 2017–2018 Boghosian Fellow at Syracuse University SOA as well as a 2017 Fellow at the Berlin Center for Art and Urbanistics. Her research areas include memory, cultural heritage, identity politics, material processes (namely casting and ceramics), and digital reproduction technologies. 

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