From the elaborate to the absurd centrepieces can direct and command attention or initiate and guide conversation. A centrepiece can exist as a concept, such as a central political or social issue in a debate. It can aesthetically unite a space, or set the tone for a soirée.

Throughout history, centrepieces have been a reflection of the times, whether they be large-scale installations of the 18th century that invoked a feeling of escape into imaginary worlds, or represent a rustic tableau, implying a contemporary preference for a more simple or eco-conscious lifestyle.

With the rich history of display pieces in mind, Centrepiece, the inaugural exhibit at SAMARA Contemporary presents a fantasy world of curated islands, laden with enticing objects. Centrepiece features the work of 15 artists working in diverse media that support SAMARA Contemporary as a place to gather and engender conversation and reflection.

Featuring the work of Shary Boyle, Cathy Daley, Kaley Flowers, Emily Jan, Kent Monkman, Julie Moon, Luke Parnell, David Salazar, Leo Scopacasa, Chason Yeboah.

Special performance by Quezal

Our core mission is to embrace and support the work of national and international contemporary creators working in the field of art + design.

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