Opening: Saturday February 22, 2020 4-8pm
Exhibition Dates: February 22 - March 22 2020
Samara Contemporary is pleased to present Between Dog and Wolf, an exhibition of new work by Nancy Friedland. Friedland is a photographic artist who uses painting to present wistful scenes and narratives of loss and isolation. Although she received her formal training in photography, she also incorporates collage, mixed-media and abstract techniques into her practice. For this solo exhibition, Friedland’s paintings consider light as a portal, whether emanating from a street lamp or from one’s living room. The simplicity and abstraction with which light has the ability to change a scene is a technique Friedland explores in order to craft the delicate narratives within her work.

“Darkness allows the mind to wander, but it is given shape by light. The moon, the porch light, fireworks — without them the darkness spills out forever into the universe, unfettered. I paint to delineate the edges of that darkness, to carve out little patches of light, bursts of joy and moonlight, that help give shape to the night.”

    - Nancy Friedland, 2020

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