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Samara Contemporary presents Open To Be.  Opening reception on Saturday May 11th, 2019. 4:00pm - 8:00pm 

On from May 11th - June 2nd

Featuring the work of Johanna Reynolds and Brianna Gluszak

SAMARA Contemporary is pleased to present Open To Be, a new exhibition of work by Toronto-based artists Brianna Gluszak and Johanna Reynolds, curated by Rafi Ghanaghounian. Gluszak’s dynamic glass sculptures and Reynolds’ abstract paintings are contemplative mirrors of the artists’ interactions with everyday life, and illicit audience reflection.

Reynolds creates dynamic abstractions using oil and acrylic paint, drawing inspiration by consciously tuning herself in to the natural world. Her work is known for elegant, contemplative layers interrupted by moody, gestural bursts of unexpected colour. Reynolds is often inspired by elements including plant life, rocks, water and sky. These elemental forces create sweeping nuances which cause emotional stirrings within the viewer. The non-representational landscapes aim to hint at something familiar, yet remain open-ended to allow the viewer’s imagination to complete the story.

Gluszak is a collector of visual information, and gathers inspiration for her forms from human relationships. Often considering the tension and comfort within her own kinships, Gluszak personifies these exchanges into glass shapes which represent her personal life. An attempt to relate to one another is a key component of our human existence and is a universal commonality, and through showcasing these endeavors, her work pulls the viewer into an onlooking perspective. Gluszak’s work allows for a contemplation of one’s own relationships through viewing the complexity of others.

Both artists, while working in the fields of abstraction, are interested in how the viewer’s participation is central to their respective work. Through showcasing their individual experiences with relationships and nature, the artists allow the viewer an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences in the world. This particular synergy between artist and viewer that Gluszak and Reynolds explore in their work, speaks to the very spirit of optimism within it.

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