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Samara Contemporary presents In Ascend.  Opening reception on Saturday April 6, 2019. 4:00pm - 8:00pm 

On from April 6 - April 25

Featuring the work of Michael Adamson and Nicole Katsuras.

In Ascend is a new exhibition of paintings by Toronto-based artists Michael Adamson and Nicole Katsuras, curated by Rafi Ghanaghounian. Adamson and Katsuras explore the depths of abstraction within their respective bodies of work, utilizing individual techniques and strategies, while being self-referential to the medium itself. The dreamlike compositions of Katsuras’ paintings are inspired by the worlds of cartography, geography and anthropology, with their colourful paint strata paralleling environmental emergents like riverbeds, islands and doline formations. Adamson’s geometric play with minimalist composition is inspired by the rigidity of textiles, patterns and formal structure.

Both artists are carefully self-aware of the subjectivity of abstract painting, using textural gestures to lift paint from canvas, creating unique possibilities for individual narratives. Their works are of the variety which can only be completed by the viewer, when witnessing the large-scale forms and all of their striking intricacies in person.

Our core mission is to embrace and support the work of national and international contemporary creators working in the field of art + design.

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