Samara Contemporary presents
Suface Play, an exhibition by
Lindy Fyfe and Ruth Adler

Opening: September 7th 2019, 4-8PM
Exhibition Dates: September 7th - October 13th 2019

Samara Contemporary is pleased to present Surface Play, an exhibition of work by Canadian textile artists Lindy Fyfe and Ruth Adler, curated by Rafi Ghanaghounian. The exhibition is an exploration of the artists’ respective investigations into textile as painting. Both Adler and Fyfe employ textiles as the chief component in their work, however their approaches contain more similarities than their outcomes.

Fyfe, who works with recycled fabric from thrift shops, breathes new life into discarded materials through harnessing their existing forms and patterns, translating them into new compositions. This creative and intuitive process results in abstract compositions that strongly reference the masters of modernist painting including Rothko and Mondrian, but also hint at the earth’s topographic surfaces.

Adler’s similar creative impulse is reflected in the vibrant assemblages she constructs through material conversations. When looking at the structural appearance of her works, it becomes clear that Adler gains inspiration from anatomy and architecture, among other things. Utilizing textile remnants as well as water-based inks and paints, her pieces reference the aesthetics of fashion and other cultural forms.

Samara Contemporary announces
Present Being, a group exhibition

Opening: October 26th 2019, 4-8PM
Exhibition Dates: October 26th - November 17th 2019

SAMARA Contemporary is pleased to announce Present Being, a group exhibition which confronts historical tendencies to objectify bodies through a western patriarchal lens. Whether sex workers, servants or angelical mother figures, western art frequently presented female subjects as the object in artwork. For this exhibition, a group of contemporary artists reflect upon the hyper-sexualization of female figures through the dominant male gaze in history, and also the lack of representation of body and gender diversity. Through a variety of different media, this group of female empowered artists aim to reposition the traditional western gaze, and reclaim the gendered body.

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